Jul 172010
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stuffed great white shark puppet

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Stuffed Animals Details

** Stuffed Great White Shark
** Hand Puppet
** Grey Upper Body, White Underbelly and Large Teeth
** Made by Folkmanis
** 22 inches Long

Everybody out of the water! I see a shark! *Insert theme music from Jaws*
Oh no, it’s a great white shark…swim faster! Great white sharks can swim at about 15 MPH, can you?

Oh boy, this is one big stuffed shark puppet coming for you! Wait, no one is afraid of a stuffed shark even if it is big.

At a whopping 22 inches long, 6 inches wide, and 5 inches high. It may not be large enough to scare you but, it may be big enough to scare off any little fish in your make believe ocean tale. A real life great white is about 15 – 20 feet long. That might be a bit big to have in your house.

Look at the teeth on this “dangerous” man eating stuffed shark. This big guy has 2 rows of razor sharp teeth. Ok, its teeth are not sharp at all and this shark can’t really eat anything but, don’t tell him.

It is colored just like a real life great white shark. It has a dark gray upper side with a white underbelly. This helps camouflage it from any bigger sharks. As a full grown great white shark, they do not have any real enemies other than humans. But, we know that you would not ever hurt a cool stuffed great white and will help protect this shark hand puppet because you are soooo cool.

This shark hand puppet is made by Folkmanis and like all of their toys, it is made with the highest of quality.

This plush animal has movable eyes, swallowing mouth, and movable tail. Even though he may like to pretend he’s real…he’s absolutely harmless. Although he may cause cases of the giggles.

This stuffed shark would be a great gift for any future marine biologist. It could also be a funny character in your puppet show as a goofy shark that doesn’t know he is suppose to be scary and fierce.

He could be a great puppet gift for a little boy or girl who just loves sharks, or anyone who loves plush Sea Creatures.

Click the button to go to this Plush Stuffed Animals Home Page for pricing and shipping!

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  2 Responses to “Stuffed Great White Shark Puppet”

  1. Trying to see pictures of your seals, sharks, and birds – and to look at pricing info. But the site’s links, including the Purchase Info button are not working.

  2. Hi Amy, sorry that you are having issues. Because we are connected to a few different sites, the “Purchase Info” button should redirect to the appropriate site (and page) for that particular animal.

    I am trying to see if I can duplicate the issue and all the buttons seem to be working for me. So, I am wondering if it could be that your cookies are turned off? The 3 sites we sell for, all seem to be up and running but, they do require cookies to track where the sale came from (that is how we get paid).

    I do hope the buttons have started working for you. I will keep watching to see if I can figure out the issue.

    Thank you for stopping in and letting us know to watch for any others that may be having problems.

    Wendy at Fuzzy Wuzzy Anipals

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